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July 1, 2013

Transdev Auckland launches today

Veolia Environnement and Caisse des Depots merged their respective transport companies in 2011 to form the world’s leading provider of private mobility solutions, Veolia Transdev. In March 2013 at the global level, the company adopted a new identity, Transdev. The group operates in over 20 countries, and Australasia is its fourth-largest region.
Transdev Auckland is the same company that has delivered significant increases in rail patronage and service frequency in nine years operating passenger rail services in Auckland.
“Transdev Auckland continues to play a vital role in the historic, exciting new developments happening in Auckland rail,” says Terry Scott, Managing Director of Transdev Auckland.
“We’re committed to working in partnership with our client, Auckland Transport, to deliver a safe and reliable service and an outstanding customer experience.
“The preparation of the network for electrification continues to present some challenges as the work directly impacts the number of services we run in the evenings and on weekends, but the arrival of electric trains will be a great advance and we’re ready for the challenge.”
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Notes to editors:
In 2004 Connex began operating train services in Auckland with 140 staff, 800 weekly train services and 3.3 million passenger trips a year. The company was renamed Veolia Transport in 2005 and merged with Caisse des Depots in 2011 to form the Veolia Transdev group of companies.
In 2013 Transdev Auckland has 470 staff delivering 2,100 weekly train services and 10 million passenger trips a year.