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October 20, 2011

Train services for Rugby World Cup finals weekend

Wales v Australia at Eden Park, Friday 21 October 8.30pm

New Zealand v France at Eden Park, Sunday 23 October 9.00pm

• More than 100 special train services on each day, including high-frequency services between Britomart and Kingsland, stopping at Grafton only en route, and between Morningside and the west.
• More frequent, half-hourly Western Line services before the match.
• An hourly service to Onehunga before the match and half hourly afterward.
• Papakura trains run to the city every hour and from Westfield to Britomart alternate half hourly between the Southern and Eastern lines. 
• Three special direct services will run on the Southern Line from Pukekohe and Papakura to Kingsland station.
• Three standby trains to operate out of The Strand if required.
• Trains will be directed to The Strand station if required in case of congestion on the network, and customers transferred by bus to Britomart.
• Special rail buses at Britomart to assist with moving large numbers of people home after the match.
• Trains will run until about 1.30am to take customers home after the match.

Improvements to train services for Rugby World Cup in recent weeks include:

• Improved on board communications with dedicated extra staff on trains.
• Security at stations and Maori Wardens on each train to provide on board security.
• Enhanced crowd management and communication arrangements at Britomart.
• Monitoring of train stations throughout the day so that contingency buses can be brought into service promptly where needed.
• Extra staff coordinating transport modes and managing crowds at key stations.