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October 13, 2011

Train services for Rugby World Cup semi finals

Wales v France at Eden Park, Saturday 15 October 9.00pm
New Zealand v Australia at Eden Park, Sunday 16 October 9.00pm

• More than 100 special train services on each day, including high-frequency services between Britomart and Kingsland, stopping at Grafton only en route, and between Morningside and the west.
• More frequent, half-hourly Western Line services before the match.
• An hourly service to Onehunga before the match and half hourly afterward.
• Papakura trains run to the city every hour and from Westfield to Britomart alternate half hourly between the Southern and Eastern lines. 
• Three special direct services will run on the Southern Line from Pukekohe and Papakura to Kingsland station.
• Three standby trains to operate out of The Strand if required.
• Trains will be directed to The Strand station if required in case of congestion on the network, and customers transferred by bus to Britomart.
• Special rail buses at Britomart to assist with moving large numbers of people home after the match.
• Trains will run until about 1am to take customers home after the match.

Improvements to train services for Rugby World Cup in recent weeks include:

• Improved on board communications with dedicated extra staff on trains.
• Security at stations and Maori Wardens on each train to provide on board security.
• Enhanced crowd management and communication arrangements at Britomart.
• Monitoring of train stations throughout the day so that contingency buses can be brought into service promptly where needed.
• Extra staff coordinating transport modes and managing crowds at key stations.

For full details of services please see or call (09) 3666400
For Veolia Transport media enquiries please call (09) 9697801