General Information

Can I take a stroller on board?
How can I give feedback on a train service?
Can I take my bike on board?
Do trains run on public holidays?
Can I eat/drink on your services?
Can I take animals on board?
How do I catch a train?
What is being done to keep passengers informed of delays?
Why are trains sometimes late?
What are rail buses?
Who is responsible for the train tracks?
Who is responsible for stations on the network?
How do I find out more about the upgrading of the rail network

Employment With Us

What type of roles do you offer at Transdev?
How can I find job vacancies at Transdev?
Why should I consider Transdev as an employer?
Where are your operations in New Zealand and Australia?


Can I take a motor scooter on the train?
Can I travel with a wheelchair?

Tickets and Fares

Where can I buy train tickets?
Who is entitled to concession fares?
What is the best value ticket for me?
At what age is a fare required for a child to travel on the rail network?
Do you have discount fares for children?
How do I get a student discount?