10 August 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 10/08/2018
10 August 2018 - From the desk of

Tragically, a fatality occurred on the network today. Our thoughts are with the Train Driver, the family of the person involved, and all of our colleagues who are responding to this terrible event. We will offer support to anyone affected by this tragedy. If you need to speak with someone please contact the Zero Harm team on 0508 937 642, they will also be able to provide you with advice, support and our EAP Benestar contact details (0800 360 364).  I also want to emphasise that rail safety, your safety and that of our customers and communities, is our utmost priority. Please look out for each other, ask your colleagues if they are OK, and if you can help them. 

This is a desperately sad and unfortunate reminder to us all of the importance of safety vigilance at all times. This week we have finalised our plans to support Rail Safety Week, which will launch in Newmarket, Auckland next Monday. A big thank you to all our colleagues who have volunteered their time to support RSW events at Britomart and Newmarket on Tuesday and Wednesday, and throughout RSW.  RSW provides an opportunity to involve as many people as possible in raising awareness of safe behaviours on the network.  There are plenty of opportunities to be part of this important public information and education campaign and I strongly encourage you to join in. Please contact Hoani Muller on 09 969 7709 to find out how.

In previous Journey Maker News, Michel and Adam celebrated our fantastic performance in July. With your help, we are aiming to repeat, or even exceed, this in August. Thanks in advance for your efforts in helping us to achieve this.  In July last year we started reporting on a new KPI – Right Time Starts (RTS), a new performance measure previously not part of the Compass reporting system. These RTS details are now available to all Compass users in a new feature added last week, and will assist the Performance team to keep our RTS on track.

Looking ahead, I will be excited to see the new timetable in action, from Sunday, 26 August and the many benefits it will bring. The increase in services, weekend frequency and later Friday night services resemble improvements that bring us even closer to offering a world class Metro passenger service. Our customers may need extra assistance over the coming weeks to adapt to the changes, especially with multiple Britomart platform and departure time changes. Please offer them assistance and let us know if you have any customer feedback.  We need to be extra vigilant in ensuring service and signal changes are front of mind. Please familiarise yourself with the new timetable (available early next week), dwell time changes and new worksheet layout.

Have a great weekend, and thanks to all the crew keeping the network running during tonight’s Warriors game, including on-board staff who are running extra services for the Celine Dion concert.

Ma te Wa / Bye for now.


Gary Ryan

Principal Project Manager - SaFE

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