13 February - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 13/02/2019
13 February - From the desk of

There seems to be no end to the summer. My garden is parched and I would desperately like to see some rain. Fortunately, performance is holding strong, which is great for people travelling our network.  

Last week I attended the cricket match at Eden Park. What a terrific event and what a great, electrifying atmosphere. It was a fully-packed stadium with everybody in a good mood and with both sides cheering for each other. It was a display of good sporting behaviour that lifts you up and gives you a sense of community. Of course there was a bit of healthy competition, but mainly people were just having a good time. Working at Transdev should not be that different… having a good time together while giving people a great service. And above all, we should not forget the great job done by all to move thousands of passengers.

Yesterday was very exciting for me. Almost 20 people from Australia and France joined me during the Advanced Contract and Commercial Review. We started with a network tour at 0700 and finished late in the evening. I have a passion for public transport, because I honestly believe we can make a real difference to people’s lives when we get it right. Being in a room with international experts and professionals offers a unique chance to sharpen your knowledge, skills and understanding of how things work in the world. It inspires us to do better.

We talked a lot about change and how change affects us all. Shane Ellison, the CEO of Auckland Transport, presented his priority issues. Population and passenger growth, congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, health and road safety are all high on AT’s agenda. Managing these will make Auckland a more liveable city, but will entail a lot of change. Doing so will also cost a lot of money, and it is quite a balancing act to a find a fair deal for all. For businesses such as Transdev, for passengers and for taxpayers. It is part of my role to help ensure that Transdev’s operations will continue to be sustainable for the long term.  

Today the focus for my guests and I is on what we can improve further. How can we all make this an even better business? Discussions will cover a wide range of topics; from lifting performance even higher, to contract management, through to supporting a great culture.

Our intention is that by the end of the day we will have a draft roadmap for the future, which once completed, I will share an overview of with you.

Thank you,

Michel Ladrak

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