13 July 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 13/07/2018
13 July 2018 - From the desk of

It was good to catch up with the new Driver Managers last Friday evening and then again at work on Tuesday. It was also good to meet up with those who are new to leadership roles at Transdev although they bring leadership experience and expertise from previous organisations they have worked for.

I recently facilitated a half day with the Emerging Leaders programme answering the question – what do you actually do in People and Culture and Communications? The programme is open to all and explains how different TDAK departments operate and the challenges they face, spending time with the SMT and other senior TDAK leaders and the opportunity to work on problem solving case studies alongside these senior leaders. Mike Williams was on the programme and he is one of the new Driver Managers in a relieving capacity – you could say he has emerged!! We will be having another programme so please submit an application to participate when we advertise later in the year.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Engagement Survey – your feedback will help us all make “this a better place to work”. Wendy Scott, Senior Learning and Development Consultant has been running workshops providing feedback on the outcomes of the pulse survey. The departments are starting to coordinate action plans for increasing the right conditions for all of us to enjoy our time at work and to feel good about working at Transdev. On Wednesday Wendy ran a debrief with the SMT and I am pleased to announce we are working on an action plan. A standout for us is understanding why 47% of our colleagues did not participate in the survey which took less than 5 minutes to complete. This is an important question for us and one that is covered in the workshops. Please take the time to meet with Wendy as we really want to hear your thoughts and opinions on making Transdev a better place to work.

Transdev Australasia have developed a number of new policies to address important areas of how we work together and how we can support colleagues going through tough times away from work. The policies are for; Prevention of Bullying and Harassment, Domestic and Family Violence leave for colleagues who need support whilst in this situation and Diversity and Inclusion. We will be communicating these new policies with everyone in the next few weeks and also making them available in Promapp.

The HP2 meetings reconvene next week and will take place with ourselves, the RMTU and AT using interest based problem solving tools facilitated by Mike Belmont from HP2High Performance Partners. The “challenging issues” we are addressing are indeed challenging and not easy to solve but with the will being shown by all of us I believe we can find a solution that will not be our first choice but one we can all support. We recognise that this is a very challenging time for those people whose roles are impacted by the “challenging issues” being discussed.

Take care of your selves with the wet weather and have a great weekend.

Nga Mihi


Jon Baxter

Manager - People and Culture

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