14 January 2019 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 14/01/2019
14 January 2019 - From the desk of

Welcome back everyone! 

I hope that most of you enjoyed a great Christmas break and enjoyed some well-deserved time off with family and friends. For the first time in 10 years, I went back to Europe to celebrate Christmas with my family. We all live in different places around the world and for some reason; we never managed to come together at the same time. This time we were lucky enough to see each other in Aix en Provence, an area in the south of France, where I enjoyed good company and the best of what the French have on offer when it comes to food and wine. I am sure many would agree, now is the time of year to start getting back in to healthier routines.

I think last year was a good year for Transdev and I would like to thank you all for your contribution. To summarise, we achieved 85% of our KPIs, more than 93% of our customers are satisfied with our service, and we saw a reduction of operational incidents by 40.5%. More so, we secured jobs for all Train Managers, Station Assistants and Ticket Inspectors, whilst AT still funded 80 Transport Officers. The RMTU, AT and Transdev reached consensus around the SaFE project, which will further improve performance once implemented. 

Thierry Mallet, Transdev’s international CEO, launched our new strategy by aiming to become the world leader in integrated mobility solutions. We are people serving people in communities and that has placed their trust in us. Transdev exists because we commit to empowering everyone’s freedom to move every day. Transdev wants to address the needs of today and tomorrow and that is an exciting environment to be in. Thierry and members from the executive team from Paris will visit the Transdev Australasian business, including Auckland, in February. 

There is more to come in 2019. Firstly, I hope to secure the next contract. I know with our people and experience we will have a big advantage over our competitors. With some luck, we will be bidding for Auckland Light Rail and extend our footprint in Auckland. Together with AT, we will prepare for the introduction of 15 extra EMUs. We will also be preparing for single line running on the Western Line from Christmas 2019. The IT and Training team have made some tentative steps to introduce virtual reality as part of the training package. The first line of experiments have started, although it is still very early days. Finally, we will be looking at how to improve our competitiveness and ability to innovate. In short, lots to be excited about and I hope many of you want to be involved.

For now, I want to wish you and your families a heartfelt happy, prosperous and, above all, healthy 2019.

Ma te wa,

Michel Ladrak

Managing Director

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