20 July 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 20/07/2018
20 July 2018 - From the desk of

So far so good. The month had some ups and downs but performance wise we are tracking well. We are a robust organisation and as long as others do well, we do well together.

I am incredibly frustrated by the Te Mahia platform works last week and have raised two critical concerns. Firstly, why were works permitted to commence outside the limits specified within the Rail Safety Licence, and without Transdev notification. Secondly, why notification was delayed until 5pm the following day? I immediately initiated the platform to be shut down and can assure you that we have taken this incident very seriously.  The Safety and Assurance and Operations teams are taking measures to avoid something similar happening again.

Staying with the topic of safety, The Senior Management Team will continue the monthly safety tours around the business. It is great to see the positive feedback from these tours.

Last week, John MacIver and I inducted Driver Managers into what it means to have a ‘Just Culture’. In a just culture we don’t expect people to be perfect, nor do we except the premise of ‘no harm, no foul’. What we do expect is that people learn from honest mistakes and that they take responsibility for at-risk behaviour. There is no leniency towards reckless behaviour because everyone has a duty to make sure no one gets hurt or harmed. I encouraged the new Driver Managers to have this discussion amongst themselves and with you.

On Wednesday we started our free 360 Wellbeing Survey. I think it is a great initiative to improve the overall wellbeing of our workforce. I encourage everyone to participate. You may get some handy tips and insights that will improve your life, but will also help us to decide how we can help improve overall wellness across the business based on aggregated data. For the avoidance of doubt, the survey is anonymous, so think of your family and friends and take part.

On Monday, we had the pleasure of meeting the new school of Trainee Drivers and a new comms supervisor. They were all excited to become part of what is fast becoming the most exciting industry to work in. Public Transport is technology driven and change is happening fast. Auckland is planning to invest $28 billion in unlocking the city and Transdev want to be part of making passenger journeys easier by bringing communities together.  Please join me in welcoming our new trainees and colleagues.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


Ma te wa/Bye for now,

Michel Ladrak

Managing Director

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