23 November 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 23/11/2018
23 November 2018 - From the desk of

Last week was an exciting one, but first I would like to draw your attention to a topic close to my heart. Over the last few months, I have witnessed bullying behaviour within the business. Transdev has a policy against bullying and harassment, but in reality, this is hardly worth the paper it is written on unless the majority of us stand up against bullies. I have zero tolerance for bullies, and those who are being bullied can trust they will find the full force of Transdev behind them.

Bullying is not just about shouting in somebody’s face or intimidating staff with physical aggression. It is often more covert, in many cases, it is as simple as initiating a discussion with somebody in the lunchroom who clearly wants to be left alone, leaving unwanted messages in cubby holes or on voicemail, or removing communication from the book-ons. I am sure you all know what I mean.

My aim is to be a more inclusive, diverse and just employer whilst eradicating any form of bullying at Transdev. I also want the business to support people who need it most. To enable this we have implemented a family and domestic violence policy to support people who suffer from abuse at home. TDAK joins all Transdev Australasian businesses recognising White Ribbon day today, officially celebrated on Sunday. The campaign supports our family violence policy and I urge you to visit the WhiteRibbon.org.nz website for details.

On Monday, I had the honour to be invited to the Glenbrook Vintage Railway where I enjoyed a guided tour and very cool trip on a steam train.  I realised Glenbrook is a proper railway business and I was impressed by the level of professionalism and investment put into preserving New Zealand’s railway history. I see options for organising something like a family fun day at this location. Let me know what you think.

On Tuesday, I met with Jim Quinn, Chief of Strategy at Auckland Council and John Faitala who are both driving the Southern Initiative (TSI). TSI champions stimulates and enables social and community innovation in south Auckland. I am determined to work with them and help build community and individual capability.

On Wednesday we had Laurence Broseta over from France. She is a Zone Director and responsible for more than 12 countries. Together we visited AT to show them how Transdev is a leader in emerging technologies within the public transit industry. I think we made it clear that Transdev Auckland is not only an operator, but also a long-term partner.

Even more exciting we finished our Emerging Leaders programme, which I believe was a great success. People from all parts of our business were offered the opportunity to get a flavour of what is happening behind the scenes of our business. I believe it highlighted that there is no ‘us and them’ and that we are all working hard to create a business we can all be proud of. We are definitely rolling out a new programme next year, so do not hesitate to apply.

Lastly, don’t forget to register for the Christmas lunch by Monday 26 November. Thank you to all staff working this Sunday at the Santa Parade. I expect Britomart and other stations will be very busy, please keep yourself and your colleagues safe.

Have a great weekend.

Ma te wa

Michel Ladrak

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