26 February 2019 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 26/02/2019
26 February 2019 - From the desk of

Kia Ora,

I am very pleased that RMTU General Secretary, Wayne Butson and I will meet on Monday next week to see if we can conclude our Collective Agreement negotiations. I do not believe that anyone prefers industrial action over robust bargaining. The question is, how do we settle on a fair deal for all? Acknowledging and valuing the different interests around the table is the best way to come to consensus. If both parties move, then I am sure we can find a solution acceptable for all.

As I have mentioned many times before, equality and diversity are high on my agenda. The most successful businesses treat everyone as equal, and use all the talent they have access to. We need to eliminate the problem of discrimination, harassment and bullying at its root. Recently I received a number of complaints about workplace bullying. The business immediately started an independent investigation. I want everyone to know that we will stand up against bullies. Similarly, if you feel that people treat you differently based on race, gender, religion or anything else, let me know. Transdev needs to be a safe place to work for everyone.

On the same topic, Transdev has partnered with the Universities of Sydney and Newcastle to launch the Diversity and Inclusion survey. The survey aims to identify perceptions around workplace gender equality, and to support initiatives to improve the current situation. Please support our journey towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace by completing the survey. You can access the survey by following this link, scanning the QR code on the posters in your depot, clicking on the TDAK intranet page or filling in a paper survey (and using the postage paid envelopes).

Last week, I was in Sydney on a training course. I met with Transdev Managers from 13 different countries and we had an exciting exchange of ideas. It is interesting to see how we are all confronted with similar challenges, to which we take different approaches and hold different viewpoints. One of the areas we studied was mega-trends within the transport industry. I am happy to share five facts with you that currently dominate the landscape.

  • Funding in public transport has sky-rocketed. Not only in the conventional modes of transport (bus, train, ferry), but also in alternative modes. With so much money available, there is likely to be a lot of change in this area in the near future.

  • The complexity of, and the number of parties involved in transport has increased dramatically. We are literally talking about thousands and thousands of businesses who are trying to get a piece of the pie. All these businesses are lean, forward-looking and very competitive.

  • Public transport is all about technology. Technology will lead to better business models.

  • The customer adaptation speed is increasing; in short, they will try whatever comes along and dismiss the old as soon as something better is offered.

  • Mobility as a service is already a reality. Who will be the new Google of public transport?

I think the question is how can we move forward together rather than trying to stop the unstoppable? Everyone who promises that nothing will change does not tell the truth. My role within Transdev is to make sure we take care of all of you when change does happen.

On Saturday we had a SPAD. Not good. The safety team and DMs are investigating a few angles. For instance, the signal was spadded for the fourth time in four years. We also noticed that our SPAD rate went up since the new timetable. We need to investigate deeper to understand what happened, however this is still worrisome. Please stay focused and vigilant.

Lastly, some good news! Our patronage is higher than expected and on the up. We are currently at 20.84m passenger journeys per year. If we continue our growth, we will soon hit 21 million passengers. A fantastic new record.

Thank you,

Michel Ladrak
Managing Director

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