29 January 2019 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 29/01/2019
29 January 2019 - From the desk of

Kia Ora, Journey Makers

Happy New Year from the Safety and Assurance team!

I would like to start by thanking all TDAK staff on behalf of all SMT, for the professionalism displayed during the network disruption on Friday. Losing our signalling system is a truly exceptional event, which left us unable to operate any services. We have received many positive messages from passengers regarding announcements that were made, particularly by Train Manager and Drivers. I believe that TOC also performed heroically, especially given the lack of information they had at their disposal, and kept our crews updated as well as could be expected. The A-Team jumped into action early to aid with the situation, and I heard that some staff who were on annual leave came in to help, which is truly remarkable. Once again, a big thank you from all of us. It was fantastic to hear and see our teams all working so well in such adverse circumstances.

Looking back on 2018 it was another successful year for Safety and Assurance at Transdev; we achieved our targets and broke many records over the course of the year. It is the effort of all of our staff, from all parts of the business, who have helped make our network a safer place to work and travel. I would like to highlight our reduction in the rate of Staff Assaults. The rate has dropped by over 57% in 2018 and down almost 75% since the end of 2016. These results are tremendous and is a testament to the work that done. The challenge now is for us to keep this trend going so that we can maintain an environment that is free from the threat of assault.

This year we will again be supporting the Track Safe Foundation’s Rail R U OK? Day. This is an annual event promoting mental health awareness in the rail industry. We understand the pressure and stresses that our staff face, and want everyone to know there are resources available for when it gets too much. Please contact our EAP provider, Benestar (0 800 360 364) for assistance at any time.

This year R U OK? Day is on the 11 of April and TDAK will be more involved than ever before. We are committed to encouraging more staff to start a conversation, and create an environment of support. Stay tuned for awareness event details in the upcoming editions of Journey Makers.

The Safety and Assurance team is committed to making further improvement to the working environment in TDAK. This year we will have a particular focus on Wellbeing and further developing our Just Culture framework. Look out for some exciting news regarding these topics in the near future.

Finally, I would just like to wish everyone a very safety and prosperous 2019. Keep up the amazing work, making our business as safe as it can be.

Thank you,  

John MacIver
Safety and Assurance, General Manager

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