3 August 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 03/08/2018
3 August 2018 - From the desk of

What a fantastic month we had. Borrowing some words from Adam Olszewski, Performance Manager: “It’s mission accomplished for July! For the first time in quite a long time, all three of our performance measures were achieved and they set some records too. Right Time starts 88.6%; our best performance since January ’18. Reliability 98.1% and punctuality 97.8%; our best performing month since January ’17, which also means July has been the best month of the current timetable. We have also seen some exceptional individual days through the month too, including a weekday with only two punctuality failures and zero cancellations across 551 services operated. Thank you for all you have done in your roles as Journey Makers to deliver a superb month for both our customers and Auckland Transport.”

On a more serious note, I need to talk about the risk of opening doors off the platform. As you may know, at this moment there is no 100% mitigation or technological solution to prevent Drivers from opening doors off the platform when a train stops short. Though the incidence risk is very low, it is a high impact event, which could cause serious harm. I am about to make a decision that will require drivers to stop all trains (3 and 6-car EMUs) at the 6-car stopping marker at all times. The safety team is in the process of finalising its risk assessment and we are working with the Public Transport Accessibility Group (PTAG) to make sure we take into account all considerations including any platform tactile repositioning. We want to ensure PTAG also has the opportunity to advise and support their members in any changes to the way they join their service. Until I make my final decision, please take extra care when you consider overriding the door system and force all the doors open. For the safety of your colleagues and customers, please pull your train up to the correct stopping marker and make absolutely sure all doors are along the platform first.

On Wednesday, I had a meeting with KiwiRail and AT to talk again about infrastructure reliability. KiwiRail and Transdev are not necessarily aligned when it comes to the question “What is acceptable performance”. Peter Lensink will chair a cross industry working group to explore this. During Wednesday’s meeting we agreed the terms of reference for this forum. I am expecting a lot, because we can only improve safety and reliability when everybody is transparent and willing to solve problems together.  

Finally, I attended the NZ Light Rail briefing and what an event it was. More than 450 people showed up representing 170 businesses and 22 countries. It shows how Public Transport in Auckland has captured the imagination of many. The key message from NZTA was to come up with proposals that will offer an integrated solution to Auckland’s growth challenges. I think Transdev is best placed to offer a multi-model solution that creates socio-economic mobility by optimising all modes of transport and using the latest available technology. In other words, we have even more to offer you and Auckland and will be moving people for a long time to come!


Ma te wa/Bye for now,

Michel Ladrak

Managing Director

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