3 December 2018 - From the Desk of

PUBLISHED ON 03/12/2018
3 December 2018 - From the Desk of

What a fantastic month we had! Despite a few setbacks and concerns around operational incidents, we showed our customers great performance with punctuality at 96.99%, reliability at 98.39% and RTS starts at 88.73% These numbers are something we can all be proud of.

 After an extremely good run during the first nine months of this year, the number of incidents are on the rise. In light of last week’s SPAD, Train Drivers and Safety Team members attended an operational safety incident reduction workshop facilitated by Martin Coates from Martin Coates Consultancy. The Wednesday workshop aimed to reduce the occurrence of safety incidents on our rail network. It was a very positive meeting. I also reckon, there is a lot going on at the moment. Christmas is nearing, the silly season is here and the weather is muggy. People are getting tired and looking forward to a break. I would like to remind everyone to take care of themselves and make sure you are in the best possible condition to stay focussed. 

On Friday I had a meeting that reminded me just how rewarding it is to be Managing Director. I attended a meeting by some of NZ’s key decision makers. Amongst them, two ministers and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. It gave me new insights in how the NZ economy is developing and what the government’s priorities are. It can be summarised in three words: productivity, sustainability and inclusiveness. Higher productivity leads to higher wages. It is the same for our collective agreement negotiations. If we can find ways to increase productivity (not necessarily only footplate time), then the possibility for higher wages increase.

Also of interest was a presentation by the CEO of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle (EV) Association. In Norway, demand for EV’s is outstripping supply. Almost 50% of all cars that are currently sold are electric and the Norwegian government is aiming for 100% by 2025. They consider this achievable. It is a competitive market and a real headache for car manufactures as most of them will lose the aftermarket if EV’s take over completely. It shows how disruptive the world is at this moment.

Can I put a focus on the bi-annual Pulse Survey. It is a quick 4 minute survey to gauge your opinion and will helps us tremendously improve the business. We launched our second Pulse Survey this week and I encourage everyone to fill it in. We aim for a 55% response rate. The survey is confidential and no individual survey results are shared.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Santa Parade, despite warnings from metro service of a severe storm, this did not deter the 60,000 strong supporters, many of whom used our network to travel to and from the event safely.

Finally, we welcomed a new driver school this week. They were all enthusiastic and eager to start. I always tell them what a great time it is to join the railway industry. Developments are going so fast and so many interesting things are happening that they are at the start of a fantastic and colourful career. With Transdev being an international business, these opportunities are not limited to NZ but stretch across the world.

Have a great week,

Ma te wa

Michel Ladrak

Managing Director


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