31 August 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 31/08/2018
31 August 2018 - From the desk of

What a great start to the new timetable. On the first day punctuality ended at 99.25% and reliability at 100% these are the kind of results that make Aucklanders happy. Thanks to some fantastic staff, not the least from Head Office, passengers experienced a well-managed operation on Monday and for most of the week. Achievements like this are not a coincidence but the result of meticulous planning and thorough preparation. In other words, there is no substitute for hard work. My gratitude goes out to everyone involved. The performance team will now collect data and feedback to identify challenges and make further improvements to the new timetable.

Of course we should not forget the incident at Ranui where crew were involved in a collision between a train and a taxi. A very unfortunate event, but thankfully no one suffered any injuries. This is a reminder we can only reduce risk by making sure we are prepared the best we can be.

Another thing close to my heart is creating a diverse and inclusive culture. I am probably considered privileged so I might not always be aware of how structural and ingrained personal biases can be. Nonetheless, that does not mean I would like to give it a chance. We have had a new, fresh, diverse and brilliant generation joining the company and I hope many more will follow. I believe that is great for the future of our business, leading to positive change with more opportunities for all. Let’s break old structures down. However, I do need some help in mobilising this forward, but I am adamant it needs to be done somehow. This being said, I was very pleased that Transdev had been nominated for the Empowerment Award that recognises innovative responses to empowering women in the workplace. Unfortunately we did not win, but getting the nomination was a great, first step. My aim is to attract, retain, develop, progress and increase the number of each ethnicity within our workforce including an equal gender balance.

Today is Daffodil Day! We are supporting our Spirit Partner, The NZ Cancer Society by raising awareness amongst our staff and customers. I think every family has a story. My dad only just survived colon cancer and lived for another 15 years. I am still grateful to the doctors who did everything within their means to help him. The NZ Cancer Society has my warm support, so please buy a daffodil if you have the opportunity.

I would like to finish by saying how lucky I feel working in Public Transport. It is a great and dynamic industry with lots of growth opportunity. Transportation is at the core of our lives.  Moving is essential to connect with people, to work and simply live. Together we can empower people’s freedom to move every day. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

Ma te wa / bye for now

Michel Ladrak

Managing Director


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