4 February 2019 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 04/02/2019
4 February 2019 - From the desk of

It has been a very hot week. I feel for everyone who is based outside, without the relief of air conditioning. Now that most holidays have ended, we can expect more customers during the peak. I hope the air-conditioning on our trains holds up. Fortunately, the heat has not affected our performance. Last week we came close to an overall speed restriction across the network with the surface temperature of the track staying just below the critical level of 55oC. The last  thing our customers need is a disruption during soaring temperatures when a cold drink awaits at home.

I know there is much ado about the Collective Agreement negotiations. I truly want to offer a fair deal for all. That is not only for everybody who works hard, but also other interested parties such as Auckland Transport, the Auckland taxpayer, people on an IEA and our business. After the HP2 process, we secured jobs for everyone and we found a way forward that includes a major investment in the future of Auckland rail. The proposal currently on the table is very much in line with the rest of NZ. Today we will send out communications with more detail.

A number of other topics you may be interested in:

  • On Monday I spoke to Luke Agati. Luke is the new CEO of Transdev Australasia and will replace René Lalande who is moving back to his home country of Canada. Luke’s first day will be 11 February and I am sure he will work hard to grow Transdev further.
  • ‘R U OK?’ Day launches in April. It is a topic close to my heart. I encourage everyone to participate and have a conversation with anyone you see is going through a tough time; a simple conversation can make a world of difference.
  • You will be aware AT public transport fares are changing on Sunday 10 February. This includes rail, which will impact our customers.
  • On Monday, 11 February, 25 Executive Managers from Transdev France and Australia will visit our business. I will take them on a network tour on Monday morning. In the past my guests have always said how friendly Kiwis are, and I am sure you will make them feel welcome again.

Finally, this Friday I will attend the cricket match, NZ vs India. It is my first cricket match ever and it will be very interesting. I do not know anything about cricket, however, Peter and Gary have promised me a quick course for dummies. I am looking forward to the experience and I am sure we will offer our customers a reliable and punctual service as we do with other major special events.

Nga mihi,

Michel Ladrak,
Managing Director

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