6 July 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 06/07/2018
6 July 2018 - From the desk of

Can I first start by bringing the All Star programme to your attention? In the last two years, we have consistently rewarded great performance and engagement by our colleagues. Colleagues nominated by you and often people who otherwise would have gone unnoticed. So, if you see a colleague who is going above and beyond the call of duty, don’t forget to nominate them for an All Star award and they could take home a $250 prezzy card.

Auckland Transport, Transdev and your own reps met again to discuss the challenging issues in relation to the High Performance/High Engagement Programme, HP2.  A separate newsletter will be sent out, but during this week’s sessions, the group continued to flesh out potential options that may help in forming solutions. Work completed by the group included: a detailed review of the tasks completed between wheel stop and wheel start at stations with the intent on identifying ways to decrease dwell time and speed overall journeys. In addition, evaluating how the establishment of the Transport Officer role could help with overall rail operations. The teams will see each other again in two weeks.

Not that long ago, we asked you to participate in the engagement survey. The overall response rate was 52.93% and the percentage of people who said to be satisfied averaged at 82.59%. That is a decent score. Unfortunately, not that many drivers decided to respond so that will be our challenge for the next survey. The most highly engaged teams from the survey are as follows:

  • Operational Managers – 89.17%
  • Operational Team Leaders & Supervisors – 84.41%
  • Train Managers – 82.43%

The best scoring questions were:

  • When it comes to Safety, my workmates and I look out for each other – 97.82%
  • I consider myself a Journey Maker – 90.88%
  • I feel safe in performing my duties at work – 86.96%

We will publish the results for those who want to have a closer look at the data. Managers will be asked to identify what needs attention first in their department to make sure we continuously improve.Finally, I enjoyed a cab ride to Henderson that I combined with a safety visit. I met a group of new Driver Trainees who were about to start running their first passenger train under the guidance of a trainer. They were very excited, I loved seeing their positive energy. Driver Training has much improved over the last few years and the trainers are constantly trying to further professionalise the training methods. Together, with strong recruitment of new talent, we are in a fantastic position to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Ma te wa/Bye for now,


Michel Ladrak

Managing Director

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