9 November 2018 - From the desk of

PUBLISHED ON 09/11/2018
9 November 2018 - From the desk of

Wednesday night's tragic incident was very difficult. My thoughts are with all those affected and involved in providing support through the investigation and recovery of services. Your wellbeing is extremely important to us, if you, or someone you know, would like to talk in confidence to a counsellor, please contact Benestar (EAP) on 0800 360 364. This service is free to all staff.

Last week, we welcomed back Martin Kearney, Chief Officer Train & Ferry Operations (Transdev Australasia). Martin’s new role as Head of Rail for Australasia gave him the perfect opportunity to visit.  He joined us out on the network and behind the scenes, greeting old and meeting new colleagues. Martin was very impressed with what we are doing in Auckland, and went as far as to say we are a ‘world class operation’. I agree, and would add that from a safety point of view we are also world class. However, we are not risk free and we should always keep looking for ways to reduce risks. We must always strive for Zero Harm, for ourselves, our colleagues and our customers.

With this in mind, Jess Boult, our Zero Harm Manager, informed me our highest cause of injury is from staff accessing and egressing train cabs onto the ballast. I would like to remind staff who exit the train onto ballast (or vice versa) to be very mindful of what you are doing. Always use ‘3 points’ of contact as you climb up or down, and ensure that gloves are used when it is likely to be slippery. Please read the current Zero Harm boards for more detail.

I am happy to report that, after a prolonged period of negotiations, Auckland Transport will install steps in the Henderson yard by the end of the year. This is good news, as it will also help reduce the likelihood of cab to ballast injuries. We will continue to work with Auckland Transport to further reduce this risk by pushing for steps to be installed at all of our sites. In the interim, think safe – be safe.

Unfortunately, we have seen a spate of SPADs across the network. As a result, the Safety and Assurance team, together with Operations, will be running an Operational Safety Incident Reduction workshop at the end of this month. Our focus will be identifying the root causes of driver distraction and loss of situational awareness. We would like a cross section of drivers represented at the workshop, to achieve the best possible outcome. Our Service Delivery Managers are seeking volunteers to participate in this workshop. If you would like to help reduce the number of operational safety incidents we have, please let us know – talk to your Driver Manager and we will try our best to arrange availability within your roster.   

A big welcome back to Mark Jones who joins the safety team as Operations Standards Manager. Mark is re-joining TDAK after working on the CRL project. Mark brings a wealth of operational and safety experience to TDAK. Please make Mark feel welcome and say hello if you see him about.

Lastly, it was great to see Diwali celebrated at all Book-ons and Head Office. You might be aware Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, which symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness and good over evil. We are very fortunate to have such a culturally diverse business, I hope everyone enjoyed the Diwali savoury and sweet treats – it was great to be part of the celebrations.

Have a great weekend.

Ma te wa

John MacIver
General Manager - Safety and Assurance



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