Investing in our Information Technology (IT)

PUBLISHED ON 07/06/2018
Investing in our Information Technology (IT)

Transdev Auckland are always looking out for opportunities to invest in innovations. In the past 6 months, our IT team have completed several projects to upgrade and improve our systems to enhance our daily operations.

Highlights include:

  • Roll out of 23 Wyse terminals (thin clients) to the depots.

The Wyse terminals were 8 years old in some cases, so the new equipment will increase performance, security, ease of administration, and reliability.

  • New wireless network at Head Office.

The Meraki network allows our wireless network to operate better due to the network interference detection. The wireless networks will be upgraded out at the depots also.

  • Signed a new deal with 2 Degrees for our mobile phone contract and IT network contract.

This will see the network speeds out to the depots increase from 1mb to 100mb at each site, giving everyone a real quality of life increase.

  • Implementing new security equipment and policies to increase the Transdev security posture.

Next Gen firewall with anti-virus, anti-bot, and Intrusion prevention. Installing a Darktrace appliance that builds a baseline of the network using AI and machine learning to then report and stop anomalous behaviour.

Within the next year, there are plans to continue with the hardware-replacement cycle of 3-5 years. In addition to this, the Transdev Auckland IT team have several other projects to implement better software and systems.

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