Nights in shining Armourguard

PUBLISHED ON 29/09/2017
Nights in shining Armourguard

Armourguard patrols have been on the network since mid-2015 and have helped reduce antisocial behaviour by providing a visible physical presence on board our trains. The on-board patrols complement security at stations, on platforms and on trains during special events, where you can sometimes see over 150 guards working across rail and buses.

When the initial three roving patrols were doubled to six, some members of our Train Crew affectionately re-named the burly group the ‘6 pack’. The roving patrols proved so popular with staff and customers alike they were increased again to nine. Having started patrolling as a group, last year they were deployed in three groups of three following feedback from staff and the Security Working Group for optimum coverage across the network.

Security Manager Steve Morgan met up with Armourguard Managers Allen McKinley and Daniel Matata and the ‘9 pack’ (otherwise known as Emma, Sione, Samu, Tasi, Avneet, Laddi, Sunny, Omeka and Bradley) in September to discuss the recent tagging at platforms. Steve also wanted to utilise their knowledge of some of the youth groups in the area, which provided some valuable information to assist the investigations.

The 9 pack are all trained and qualified as Security Guards with Certificate of Approval under the Licencing Authority and have specialised training in electrification awareness, First Aid and conflict de-escalation techniques. They have also been trained in the ‘Hot or Not’ process to ensure they, like all Transdev staff, are vigilant to the threats of explosive devices and terrorism.

Armourguard has similar values to Transdev and this helps us continue our strong relationship with them as an organisation. They join our Revenue Protection team at blockades which helps reduce fare evasion and Team Leader, William Mudaliar said that he often calls the 9 pack supervisors to share information. Train Managers have also said they feel safer when Armourguard are on-board.

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