Students receive VIP treatment

PUBLISHED ON 11/09/2017
Students receive VIP treatment

Students from the Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ (BLENNZ) were given VIP treatment by our Training and Competency team recently with a special train familiarisation session.

Bryce Deadmarsh, Tim Henry (Train Manager Trainers) and Chris Davies (Driver Trainer) went out of their way to arrange an empty 6-car EMU and entire platform at Papakura and spent two hours helping the students learn about train travel.

Lorna, Katie and David will be going to college next year and using trains for the first time, so the experience was “absolutely invaluable” according to the Homai school’s teachers.

“You went out of your way to ensure our students ‘saw’ and experienced everything possible on the train. They learnt so much and so did I! They were all so pleased they had had the time to really explore the train carriages as they had never done so before. They felt very comfortable as you allowed them to ask endless questions and didn’t rush them. We understand how difficult it was to organise this event and are truly grateful to have had the time with you.” Jude Shelley - Senior Teacher, BLENNZ

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