Transdev says all parties working hard to avoid rail disruption

PUBLISHED ON 01/03/2019
Transdev says all parties working hard to avoid rail disruption

Passenger train operator Transdev says it is optimistic that an agreement will be reached between it and the Rail and Maritime Transport Union at talks to be held this Monday (March 4).

Transdev Managing Director Michel Ladrak said discussions with the Union around the renewal of the company’s Collective Agreement had previously reached a stalemate over pay, but that there was plenty of goodwill on both sides.

“I firmly believe that the Union and its members have an important role to play in our ongoing success, and that it is only by working together that we will be able to build on what we have jointly achieved,” Mr Ladrak said.

“Our staff have been crucial in bringing about record-high levels of customer satisfaction, punctuality and reliability.

“On top of that, our staff have a significant responsibility to safely deliver our customers to where they want to go.

“We acknowledge the fantastic job our staff do, and that is why they are paid well,” Mr Ladrak said.

“Disagreements over pay and conditions will happen from time to time in any business; although it’s our belief that our conditions of employment are highly competitive.

“Transdev is offering all staff on its collective agreement an immediate increase of 2.3%, followed by another 2.4% increase in 12 months. This is fully in-line with the wider industry,” said Mr Ladrak.

“This is a fair deal for both our staff, and ultimately the ratepayers of Auckland. That said, we are always open to further negotiations, and we will do our utmost to save Aucklanders from any inconvenience that could arise from any industrial action; that’s why we are meeting the Union again on Monday.

“This process will ultimately leave both staff and Transdev in a better place than we were at the beginning; negotiations such as these give all sides the chance to have frank discussions, in pursuit of a resolution,” said Mr Ladrak.

The Union’s ballot on whether industrial action should occur, and if so in which form, closed yesterday (Thursday). The result of that ballot is expected to be communicated in the near future. 

For an interview with Transdev Auckland Managing Director Michel Ladrak, please contact Jay Harkness, Transdev Auckland Communications Manager, on 022 013 9052.


Editors’ note: The collective agreement specifies that the starting wage for a newly-certified train driver is $71,000, rising to $104,000 for the most senior drivers, before other benefits are applied.

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