Welcoming our latest Journey Makers

PUBLISHED ON 03/11/2017
Welcoming our latest Journey Makers

With Driver schools in September and October, it has been a busy time for the training and service delivery teams.

Having only joined Transdev recently himself, Chief Operating Officer Peter Lensink joined the October school to get to know the new recruits and share his wealth of public transport knowledge from around the world.

We wish our new Journey Makers all the best as they continue their driver training.

September's driver school recruits: Lee Mihaere, Suzy Bryne, Willem Botha, Anna King, Arie Framhein and Jun Na.

October's driver school recruits (pictured): Liam Johnson, Linda McGuiness, Guy Havill-Austin, Travers Dobson, Tom Molloy and Mick Stow.

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