World Day for Safety and Health at Work

PUBLISHED ON 26/04/2018
World Day for Safety and Health at Work

It’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work this Saturday, 28 April. This annual campaign promotes creating a safe and healthy work culture and the prevention of occupational accidents and illness.

If you work in the rail transport industry, you’ll know that the work environment has plenty of potential risks and hazards. It’s important that each of us are responsible for creating a safe environment to prevent injuries and danger.

Here are three top tips to ensure you are creating and practicing a safe and healthy work environment.

Tip 1: Voice it.

Use your voice as it’s the best safety gear you have. If you see an issue or potential risk, tell someone and report it. Voicing your concerns will not only protecting yourself but you’ll be helping others and your manager will appreciate it too.

Tip 2: Look out.

Keep an eye out for hazards and again, tell someone and report it. By being watchful, you might spot a potential risk that others may not have picked up. Don’t assume somebody else has already told someone, the more vigilant you are, the quicker these issues will be resolved.

Tip 3: Watch each other’s back.

Your workplace is a community where you need to support one another. Pass on your insider tips to your fellow peers and inform them of anything that may impact their work. Listen and watch out for each other’s wellbeing.

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