Accessible Travel

Transdev Auckland is a member of Auckland’s Public Transport Accessibility Group and is committed to ensuring that the city’s rail service is accessible for all.

All Transdev staff members receive disability awareness training to assist customers with their varying travel requirements. We value your feedback on our customer service so please feel free to tell us what you think.

Station access

All stations are accessible by ramp except:

  • Parnell Station - work to improve accessibility are planned for later this year
  • Northern end of Papatoetoe Station - please access the station from the southern end

All stations have help points in the case of emergencies.

Train access

The middle doors of each three-car EMU (electric train) have automatic ramps and lower floors for improved accessibility, with allocated space inside these cars for wheelchairs, push chairs, bicycles and luggage. A manually-operated ramp is also available on the Pukekohe-Papakura DMU trains.

Visible and tactile platform markers are being introduced at all stations to indicate where customers with disabilities should wait to board the train via the accessible ramp. Secondary markers also indicate where customers with push chairs, bicycles or luggage should wait to board the train.

All vehicles have help points in the case of emergencies.

Wheelchairs & scooters

Wheelchairs may be used on trains at any time. Battery-powered mobility scooters may be used on trains, provided that the comfort and safety of other customers is not compromised. For more information please read our Conditions of Carriage.

If you require assistance boarding or travelling on a train, please ask a member staff.

Guide dogs

Customers with registered guide dogs, and those in training, are permitted to travel at all times.

Bicycles, prams & luggage

Travel with large items including bicycles and luggage is permitted pending capacity at the time. Push chairs, shopping jeeps, non-motorised golf buggies and similar items may be carried on trains at any time without charge, provided that the safety or comfort of other customers is not affected.

For more information please read our Conditions of Carriage.

Accessible Passenger Information

Each EMU is equipped with onboard:

  • Hearing aid loop system
  • Electronic Passenger Information Display (PID) with next stop information
  • Public Address (PA) equipment with automated next stop announcements and Train Manager announcements when required.

All stations on the Auckland rail network are equipped with:

  • Electronic PIDs displaying live train information
  • PA equipment with regular service announcements
  • Timetables and other travel information.

Rail buses

During planned network closures and some unplanned disruptions, rail buses will be operating. While we endeavour to make rail buses accessible to all, some services may not be suitable for wheelchair users or push chairs. Mobility scooters, bikes and large items of luggage are also unable to be carried on rail buses.

More information about rail buses can be found on the Auckland Transport website.

For more information on accessible travel in the Auckland Region, please visit the Auckland Transport website.